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Colors, patterns, theories, mediums, new ideas, old ideas, structure, abstract, digital, handmade, useful, pointless, beautiful, meaningful, truthful and soulful... 

Art is what I know. [SCRATCH THAT] 


Art is what I live. I live it inside and out. I live it outside and downside. I live it all around. My given talent is to create. To make things beautiful, fun, bright, eclectic and everything in-between. I strive to inspire and delight others through art and design.


Hi! I'm Amy. By day I am a graphic designer. By mid-day through the late, late evening I am a mom to 3 spirited kiddos, cook, taxi driver, house-cleaner, finder of things, loser of things and an overall air traffic controller. Darby, Saylor and Henry - They are my True North. Then, then there is night... That is when I am an artist, set free to create ANYTHING I choose. Whatever I imagine, it comes to life through paint and other various mediums. And that my friends is what you see throughout my site. It's Magic. It's passion set on fire. 


I am grateful that I get to do what I love for a living. I take great joy and pride with each piece I make... and I can't wait for you to enjoy them in your home, office or even if they just make you smile while you are here. 

Thank you for stopping by. For reading my thoughts and for being amazing you!



Here's a little glimpse into what it means when I say "creating with the salvaged, reclaimed & mostly forgotten."  


Over the last few years, I have built a network of amazing, very kind, local business owners and their employees, who let me come to their establishments and pillage through their wood scrap piles.


I'll admit, I'm sure they were a little caught off guard with this gal just busting through the doors, walking right up and saying "hey, I'm in your neighborhood and I see that you use wood here... By chance do you have any scrap wood? Oh ya, you do? Any that you're willing to part with?"  Turns out that most of the wood scraps, pallets and other remnants would just get thrown away. Some recycling, but a good amount of it had to go to the landfill. This was awesome, useable wood... not to them any longer, but to me, absolutely!!!


After a bit of time passed, with regular stops each week to fill up on scraps, and some show and tell of how I was using the wood, they were hooked. They were comfortable with me coming and welcoming my antics, crazy style, hugs and visits! 3 or 4 years later, I bring pizza on holidays, peppermints to the front desk, know everyone on a first name basis, use a translator app on my phone when needed, and have made friends who I look forward to seeing while I pillage for wood (or fabric or foam to build cushions, so much that I get to save and use instead of it going into a land-fill). 


Everything* you see on my site has been salvaged & reclaimed. So, cheers to the mostly forgotten being transformed into beautiful works of art! 

To my wood scrap community... I'm both, humbled by your generosity and grateful for your support and kindness. See you next week!

*All WOOD has been salvaged & reclaimed. Mounting hardware, metal corner accents and nails/screws are new, purchased specially for the art. Resin molds in the Flash Forward section have all been purchased at second hand stores or local pre-loved sales and reimagined into their new states. 

Hip-hip-hooray for testimonials!

Thank you for your time!